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Blockchain solves difficult challenges. Wozinga Group’s portfolio of investment is in blockchain technology, which solves real-world problems from supply chains, banking, fashion, and financial technologies.
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Consulting the Blockchain

Our experts can offer advice on how to use Blockchain in your business from supply chain to quality control to improve the performance of your business.

Enterprise Ethereum

Do you need to want try Ethereum inside your Enterprise.
Our experts can configure Enterprise Etheruem for your organisation


Our consulting arm can provide audits of your blockchain
to ensure that you meet the most rigorous security


Blockchain solves the problems of digital authentication. Our consulting arm develops technology and provides advice in all types of digital identification.


Government in the G20 and outside are using blockchain
to provide the transparency needed for their populations
to thrive.


The metaverse is built around the concept of blockchain and will radically change the way we live and work all built on Web 3.0 technologies.